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Get ready for a journey as we ride the new fashion waves in this issue—dive into the enchanting world of innovative textiles and eclectic styles that dance through the vibrant streets of New York! This edition promises to be a traveler's paradise, whisking you away from the enchanting streets of Tel Aviv to the vibrant hues of Mexico and back to the bustling energy of our beloved New York.

Designers & Brands You Likely Never Heard Of…

  • 🪪 Brand/Designer Name & Bio: SHENHAV BAR
    Hailing from Tel Aviv, the visionary fashion designer Shenhav Bar skillfully captures the delicate interplay between the representation of the East in Western art—a space where fantasy and reality seamlessly blur.

    In the pursuit of creating a tantalizing glimpse into an era confined to the realms of imagination, Shenhav Bar, for the editorial at hand, weaves a fashion narrative that intricately intertwines the allure of eastern mysticism with the preservation of classic silhouettes. The result is a harmonious tension between neoclassicism and the vibrant cultural tapestry of the Middle East, showcasing elements of restraint, deviant composition, local color, and a deliberately limited color palette. It is, undeniably, a captivating journey into a world where fashion transforms into a canvas for cultural juxtaposition and artistic innovation, showcasing Shenhav Bar's mastery in the craft.

  • 🌎 Location: Tel Aviv

  • 🧠 What we think:
    In the nascent chapters of her design odyssey, Shenhav skillfully intertwines youthfulness and playfulness in her creations, creating a captivating narrative. What stands out is her profound exploration of romanticism, particularly in the nuanced juxtaposition of East and West.

    Delving into the intricate dance between cultures, Shenhav weaves a tapestry of romantic energy within her garments. It's not merely about the aesthetic appeal; it's a deliberate construction, a thoughtful selection of textiles that echo a poetic resonance. Each piece becomes a chapter in a love story, a visual representation of the harmonious coexistence of contrasting elements.

    Her work speaks volumes about the richness of cultural intersections and the power of design to convey emotions. Shenhav's exploration goes beyond mere craftsmanship; it's an immersive journey into the realm of romantic storytelling through fashion. As she continues to carve her path, her creations serve as eloquent chapters that resonate with the timeless allure of love and beauty.

Where Technology & Fashion Collide 💥

  • 💻The Tech:
    Anthropics Technology, the pioneering force behind award-winning software for photographers and retailers, proudly unveils Zyler—an innovative solution poised to revolutionize how people engage with fashion. Born from the creative labs in 2019, Zyler is on a mission to make photorealistic fashion try-ons the default and transformative mode of clothing shopping.

    This visionary creation by Anthropics Technology is not just cutting-edge; it's a game-changer in the retail landscape. Zyler addresses the colossal $280 billion dollar product return issue that has been plaguing retailers. By eliminating the need for specialized onboarding—both for retailers and customers—Zyler emerges as the beacon of a more efficient and sustainable shopping experience.

Big Players📈

🟢 LVMH $839.69 +12.81%

 🟢 NIKE $102.75 +1.96%

🟢 DIOR $798.31 +12.04%

🔴 INDITEX $21.14 -.66%

🟢 TJX $96.38 +.91%

🔴 FAST RETAILING $262.48 -.23%

🔴 CINTAS $597.81 -.12%

🟢 LULULEMON $478.03 +.79%

🔴 KERING $417.94 -6.59%

🟢 ROSS STORES $141.76 +.67%

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Foto. Diana Caballero para Malvestida
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Street Style 🔥

📃 The Critique:
On the pulsating streets of New York, the epitome of iconic fashion, we discovered a symphony of individualism. The sidewalks became a canvas, adorned with meticulously thrifted pieces and avant-garde labels emerging from the creative enclaves of Brooklyn. The streets bore witness to a harmonious clash of overtly large tailored silhouettes seamlessly intertwined with the quintessence of traditional streetwear. In the vibrant tapestry of NY's street style, we witnessed a kaleidoscope of creativity and unabashed originality—refreshing, invigorating, and undeniably unparalleled.


The Premise:
In the world of documentary production, Threducation emerges as a formidable storyteller, delving into the captivating journey of Heron Preston—one of the most influential figures in modern streetwear. This episode meticulously recounts his extraordinary path, from the decision to enroll at Parsons in New York City to the formation of impactful alliances with luminaries like Virgil Abloh and Kanye West. As a founding member of Been Trill and the architect behind his eponymous label, Threducation unveils the intricacies of Preston's narrative, painting a vivid portrait of an unparalleled trajectory in the dynamic landscape of contemporary fashion.

Our Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Legislation Impacting Fashion

“Title”: Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles

Unveiled earlier in 2023 as a pivotal component of the European Commission's Green Deal—an ambitious roadmap to position Europe as the inaugural climate-neutral continent by 2050—the Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles charts a course toward a more eco-conscious future. This strategic initiative seeks to harmonize environmental preservation with economic growth and livelihood sustainability.

The textile industry takes center stage in this transformative strategy, a move not arbitrary but deeply rooted in the stark reality of its environmental impact. European textile consumption, ranking as the fourth most impactful sector on the environment and climate change, underscores the urgency of reform. Standing tall as the third-highest contributor to water and land use, and the fifth highest in primary raw materials consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, textiles emerge as a focal point in the pursuit of a greener and more sustainable Europe.


Eco Conscious Leaders ♻️

“Title”: Cactus Leather, A Sustainable Alternative?

In a spirited pursuit of transformative change in the fashion landscape, Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez, originating from Mexico, set out on an inspiring journey to craft a sustainable alternative to conventional leather. Their innovative beacon? Vegan leather derived from the resilient nopal cactus, a symbol of hope. This groundbreaking material first graced the global stage in Milan, Italy, in October 2019.

After two years of unwavering dedication to research and development, the dynamic duo triumphantly unveiled Desserto® in July 2019—a beacon of hope for a more sustainable future. This remarkable cactus-based alternative not only stands out for its competitive features in sustainability, performance, and aesthetics but also symbolizes a positive shift away from conventional leather.

The seeds of inspiration for this eco-conscious venture were sown during Adrián and Marte's tenure in the furniture, automotive, and fashion industries. Confronting the stark reality of environmental challenges, they chose optimism and embarked on a journey to establish Adriano Di Marti. Through this venture, they now champion Desserto®—affectionately known as cactus or nopal vegan leather—a symbol of their unwavering hope and commitment to reducing the environmental impact of their industries.

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