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Embarking from the vibrant streets of Milan, our journey extends beyond the cobblestone paths, delving deep into a thought-provoking exploration of our collective appetite for luxury brands. In today's newsletter, we navigate the dynamic intersection of street style in Milan and the broader conversation about the evolving significance and impact of luxury in our lives and the environment.

Designers & Brands You Likely Never Heard Of…

  • 🪪 Brand/Designer Name & Bio: Lucas Leao
    Step into the world of LUCAS LEAO's SPFW debut, where threads become storytellers in the clash between freedom and restraint. Imagine a fashion journey inspired by Korea's split history, evolving into a playful dance of sacred garments and contemporary twists. Picture conical shapes and fragmented monastic vibes on rebellious cotton, as if tradition met a rebellious streak.

    In this vibrant collection, colors pop like a neon dream – blues and greens making tailoring look both flashy and a bit cheeky. It's like fashion giving a mischievous wink to tradition. And let's not forget the artistic rendezvous with Natasha Ribas and João GG, adding a splash of silk magic and synthetic color chaos.

    LUCAS LEAO doesn't just design clothes; it orchestrates a rebellious symphony. It's a pendulum swing of style, proving that a bit of rebellion is the secret sauce for fashion ascension. So, dive into this fashion escapade, where every stitch tells a tale, and every color rebels with a purpose.

  • 🌎 Location: Rio De Janeiro / Brazil

  • 🧠 What we think: Lucas is like a wizard of threads, weaving magic with top-notch craftsmanship and tailoring skills. The designer fearlessly dives into the vibrant palette of Brazil's landscapes, creating a kaleidoscope of fashion wonders. But that's not all – oversized sleeves play a game of peekaboo, and smart layering becomes a style symphony in Lucas' world.

    It's not just about colors and cuts; Lucas is the texture maestro, blending materials in a dance that complements the flowing fabrics on the runway. It's like fashion jazz – each element hitting just the right note. Lucas doesn't just design clothes; he orchestrates a playful, texture-rich spectacle that'll make you want to dance down the streets in your stylish best.

Where Technology & Fashion Collide 💥

  • 💻The Tech:
    Wearex, a beacon of innovation in the fashion world, stood tall as an online upcycling platform. Their mission was a symphony of purpose – connecting textile waste with the genius of local upcycling brands in the vibrant city of Berlin, all to breathe new life into clothing.

    While their platform currently takes a pause, the spirit of Wearex thrives in the heart of an inspiring Instagram community, found at @_wearex. It's not just a pause; it's a moment to gather strength and envision a future where fashion meets sustainability with open arms. The founders continue to be the architects of change, painting a brighter tomorrow through the canvas of conscious fashion.

Big Players📈

  • 🟢 LVMH $683.40 +1.94%

  • 🔴 NIKE $100.76 -1.12%

  •  🟢 HERMÈS $1831.80 +1.24%

  • 🟢 CHRISTIAN DIOR $655.50 +1.94%

  • 🔴 TJX $94.95 -0.12%

  • 🟢 INDITEX $42.62 +.66%

  • 🟢 KERING $364.75 +1.32%

  • 🔴 FAST RETAILING $26.51 -0.75%

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Street Style 🔥

📃 The Critique:
In the bustling streets of Milan, a fashion revolution is underway, and the mantra is simple: Oversized, Oversized, Oversized. Embracing this trend isn't just a preference; it's a love affair with style and comfort.

While the regal reign of tailoring persists, there's a palpable shift towards the liberating comfort that oversized silhouettes bring. Milanese fashion enthusiasts are boldly experimenting with proportions, proving that bigger is not just better; it's downright unbeatable. The streets have become a canvas for a sartorial dance where intelligent layering and exaggerated cuts coalesce, creating a fashion symphony that resonates with the pulse of the city. In Milan, the streets are not just pathways; they are runways where the oversized look takes center stage, redefining the very essence of contemporary style.


The Premise: Threaducation: “The History Of Virgil Abloh" is a poignant documentary delving into the life and impact of the late visionary designer, Virgil Abloh. As the creative force behind Threaducation, Abloh's journey unfolds as a tapestry woven with groundbreaking fashion, unbridled innovation, and a commitment to redefining the industry's norms.

The documentary navigates through Abloh's meteoric rise, chronicling his early influences, avant-garde designs, and trailblazing contributions to the intersection of streetwear and high fashion. It unveils the threads that connect his transformative work at renowned fashion houses, his own label, Off-White, and his historic role as Louis Vuitton's artistic director.

"The History Of Virgil Abloh" goes beyond the atelier, exploring Abloh's impact on diversity in fashion, breaking barriers, and his role as a cultural icon. Interviews with industry peers, collaborators, and Abloh's own reflections paint a vivid picture of his indelible mark on the fashion landscape.

The documentary captures the essence of Virgil Abloh's Threaducation, leaving viewers inspired by his creativity, resilience, and the enduring legacy he leaves behind in the ever-evolving tapestry of fashion

Our Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Legislation Impacting Fashion

“Title”: EU Sets Ambitious Target: Full Implementation of Textile Waste Regulations by 2028

In an era where the fashion industry wields enormous influence, the European Commission is spearheading a transformative initiative to instill sustainability at its core. At the Global Fashion Summit in Copenhagen, EU Environment Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius stressed the urgency of regulating an industry that significantly impacts natural resources and contributes to pollution.

The numbers tell a compelling story: Europe's textile consumption ranks as the fourth-highest environmental impact, trailing only behind food, housing, and transport. Fast fashion behemoths like Inditex and H&M, while showing no signs of slowing production, are now under scrutiny. The EU's focus is clear – reduce water and energy usage and promote the use of recycled textiles to mitigate the industry's ecological footprint.

A staggering 5.8 million tonnes of textile products are discarded annually in the EU, equating to 11 kg per person. This alarming waste, often ending up in landfills or incinerated, propels the EU's commitment to address the issue. The impending regulations are poised to make fashion companies accountable for their environmental impact through a series of comprehensive measures.

Key among these measures is a requirement for companies to collect a specific percentage of textile waste equivalent to their production or pay fees toward local waste collection. This forward-thinking approach aims to drive fast fashion towards sustainable practices. The EU envisions a future where, by 2030, fashion companies predominantly produce durable pieces that can be easily reused and recycled.

Beyond waste reduction, the EU is actively combatting misleading sustainability claims in the industry. Approximately half of such claims, or "eco-labels," are deemed misleading. New regulations are set to restrict brands from using misleading labels in their advertising. The impending eco-label regulation specifically for textiles is slated to take effect at the beginning of the next year.

In a bold move aligning with its green strategy, the EU is also set to ban the destruction of unsold textiles. While the implementation timeline may take time, this underscores the commitment to fostering a culture of reuse and recycling.

The EU's multifaceted approach, from waste reduction to combating misleading claims, paints a picture of an organization committed to reshaping the fashion industry's landscape. Through these regulations, the EU aims not only to hold fashion companies accountable but to propel the industry toward a more sustainable, transparent, and responsible future.


Eco Conscious Leaders ♻️

“Title”: Is Achieving Full Sustainability Possible for Luxury Fashion?

Luxury fashion faces a critical question – can it truly embrace sustainability without compromising its essence? The answer lies in the industry's transformative journey, guided by pioneers like Stella McCartney, championing eco-friendly materials and circular fashion economies.

Key Points:

  1. Material Matters: The shift towards sustainable fabrics is vital, considering fashion's substantial impact on global emissions and water consumption.

  2. Circular Economy: Embracing a circular fashion economy is gaining traction, emphasizing longevity and recyclability over the traditional linear production model.

  3. Consumer Influence: Changing consumer preferences are steering the industry towards transparency and ethical practices, with 73% of global consumers willing to pay more for sustainable goods.

The path to full sustainability in luxury fashion is challenging but promising. As designers and consumers drive change, the industry is poised for a greener, more responsible future, proving that glamour and eco-consciousness can coexist.

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